Donation Appeal

Dear Friend of CAG,

All of us have experienced the personal impact of our struggling economy. We all have had to make sacrifices, by spending more and working with less. Often we have seen our friends and family give against a tide of adversity in these times. Being a comic book creator is not easy.

The Comic Book Artists Guild (CAG) is a dedicated group promoting the positive development of new comic book creators and veterans alike. We are a small group that has spent the last ten years providing support to all comic book creators always trying to further develop their skill in the industry. And now we have not declined or removed members due to their inability to pay dues, which were removed at the start of this year.

In this past year CAG has:

  • Supported like minded organizations such as CBLDF, Hero Initiative, and Mocca
  • We provided support creator gathering monthly in New England states
  • Held our annual Haller awards show at NYCC
  • Produced Worlds Beyond Science Fiction prose book.
  • Had a presence at several comic conventions throughout the year including
  • Held our annual Barbecue picnic and Holiday party

This letter is an invitation for you to invest in our community by making a non-tax-deductible donation to CAG. We realize how often you are asked to give. We are a small group that has a great cause. Please consider how much your gift will mean to creators like yourself who need your support. We are always grateful for your generous support.

CAG Leadership

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