Besides the work our members do on Guild-sponsored projects, many are pursuing their dreams on independent projects. As a benefit of membership to CAG, it is our pleasure to share these projects with you.

Joe Sergi

Joe Sergi’s Cup of Geek

Joe is a talented writer of comic, prose and non-fiction. His website, Joe Sergi’s Cup of Geek features links to all of his recently published work, including reviews he has written.

Justin Thomas

Make Halem by Justin Thomas

The Redcap gang discovers a mysterious girl during a gang fight. Unfortunately, she doesn’t remember anything. The Redcaps will have to travel to the Twins to learn her secrets, but their enemies dog them every step of the way.

The Lucites thought they had found the secret to immortality. Instead, they had created a virus that caused people to die young, their DNA damaged beyond repair. Humanity’s only hope is locked up in the secrets surrounding a young girl, but the Lucites hold the only key… Now, this girl must be brought to Halem Haven if humanity is to be cured.

Make Halem TM and © Justin Thomas. All rights reserved.

Michael Lent

Artist: Hyungsang Michael Cho
Cover Artist: Cody Chamberlain
Co-Writers: Michael Lent & Brian McCarthy
Letterer: Bernie Lee
Art Director: Lance Laspina

“It’s the height of the Civil War and the Walker Mining Company has lost contact with Brimstone, its prize gold camp in the High Sierras. With all honest men away at war, the mining company puts together a collection of fearsome killers, outlaws, and thieves to clear the town of potential marauders and restore order. Led by “The Viper,” a brooding gunslinger whose brutal exploits are the stuff of Western lore, the rag-tag killers soon discover that a horrifying supernatural presence has taken over the town. The lone survivor is a mysterious woman with her own shadowy past. She warns them that nightfall will bring a curse that has turned the miners’ lust for gold into a fever for human flesh. In Brimstone, when the blood runs black, predator becomes prey and the hunters will be the hunted.”

Jemir Johnson

5 Shots
Creative Elamentz Studios.
Written by: Jemir Robert Johnson
Art by: Various.

Your past and indiscretions are your business … keeping them buried is hers. Jay Nova is a private eye. More than that she’s the right person to call at the wrong time. Armed with a semi automatic and hidden mind reading abilities she goes where others won’t, to do what they can’t … if the money’s right. But when jobs get nasty and hidden mind reading abilities she goes where others won’t, to do what they can’t … if the money’s right. But when jobs get nasty and clients with things to hide may want her dead, she’ll need more than a strong hustle and good aim to make it through. 5 Shots – a graphic novel collection about death, crime, deception and a mind reader caught in the middle – shows what happens when violence isn’t the best answer … but the only one.

Stephen Pantoja

‘The Amalaganimals: Different Like Me’ by Stephen Pantoja

Meet the Amalaganimals! A group of four energetic animal kids who are all the product of mixed couplings. Together, they set out on a journey of self-discovery learning not only about themselves but
also about other races and cultures. Along the way they learn to appreciate their dual heritages and promote acceptance and understanding. Even the very title ‘Amalaganimals’ is a fitting fusion of the words ‘amalgam’ (which means to combine), and‘animal’. While the adventures of the Amalaganimals can be enjoyed by all, the characters were created specifically for the real children of multi-racial descent. The author’s goal is to assist biracial children in identifying their differences and celebrating the
combination of their dual heritages.

Langxuan Yin

Jaela’s Troubles by Langxuan Yin

A webcomic dedicated to the beloved character Jaela from Dungeons & Dragons Eberron Campaign Setting. It is all about her hilarious life, her friends and enemies, as well as the campaign she fights to purge evil, both outside and within the Church of the Silver Flame.

Three J Productions, LLC
Carl Herring Jr, Publisher, Writer

Welcome to Three J Productions. We offer an exciting line of Comic
books, Graphic Novels, and Posters featuring characters created and
owned by Three J Productions. Titles include Crime Wave Anthology
Volume 1 and The Enforcers.

Kitty Nirvana: The First Ginger & Shadow Collection
Story and Artwork by Barry Corbett
Embrace the Pun!
Artwork by Barry Corbett

Kitty Nirvana chronicles the adventures of two mismatched cats & their adopted family. The first collection gathers 170 of the Barry’s webcomic, Ginger & Shadow into one 96 page volume. When the Garrick family decided to adopt a pet, they chose a pair of very unusual cats. As different as night and day, these interesting and mysterious creatures would turn their lives inside out. Ginger and Shadow are your classic odd-couple pairing- two personalities that couldn’t be more opposed.

Barry Corbett has released “Embrace the Pun!”, his first collection of panel cartoons. According to Edgar Allan Poe: “The goodness of the true pun is in direct ratio to its intolerability.” Readers will find this inventive selection of Barry’s best cartoons delightfully intolerable.

Writer: George McVey
Artist: George McVey
Ink: George McVey and Peter Palmiotti

Editor: Michael Marcus
Writers and artists vary

Pulp Dreams is a pair of over the top pulp-style action adventures:

“Terra 2920” is exploration adventure in the vein of “Flash Gordon” and “John Carter on Mars.” It’s the story of a man and the robot who loves him, their escape from the Moon, and their discovery that the Earth has become a WORLD GONE MAD!

“Portal Prime” is superhero fantasy in the vein of “Lensmen” and “X-Men”–two ultra-powerful aliens use a medieval world as their battlefield, giving their chosen warriors powers to battle on their behalf… powers for which they are not ready!

IF-X is an anthology series featuring art and story from creators around the world! Each of its bimonthly issues has its own theme and carries three to six comic-art stories plus a prose piece, all loosely related to that theme. Two themes, April Fools and Halloween, repeat every year.

Perfect Agent
Greg Carter (writer)
Stephanie O’Donnell (art)

Tara is the Perfect Agent. She did whatever dirty work the US government needed. But, fired by a new administration, she now works freelance. Feared and revered in the intelligence community as the deadliest person on Earth, her former handler has no trouble finding her work. MATURE READERS.

Wicked Gods
Story and art by Mark S. Pardini

FOR MATURE READERS ONLY! After centuries of warfare and chaos, the Earth has been reduced to a smoldering wasteland. All that remains of mankind’s previous advanced civilization is The State, an egalitarian society founded upon the premise that “the will of the One must subject itself to
the will of the All.” But there is danger in The State. Its greatest warrior and hero, Harvey Doyle, a.k.a. The Hunter, is showing disturbing tendencies, exhibiting behaviors that for anyone but him would be inexcusable. Damon Schmidt, a young neophyte, is appointed Harvey’s secretary and is soon sucked into Harvey’s world of debauchery and excess. Soon after, a series of mysterious crimes begin to plague The State, and it is up to Harvey and Damon to discover the truth about their origin. What they discover will shake the very core of The State and its ideals.

Hell’s Blood Issues 1 & 2
Created by Hector E. Rodriguez
The series includes writing from Scott Sheaffer,
Chris Buchner and Liam Webb.
Art contribution from Hector Rodriguez, Keith
Murphey and Byrne Negron.

Hell’s Blood is the story of the insane and unexpected series of events that occurred when the lead character in the book, Hector loses his grandmother and his life all in one night. Relentlessly pursued by horrific monsters seen only in nightmares and movies, he finds himself fighting for his very life against an army of hell-spawned creatures led by a magma spitting, fire haired werewolf who threatens to bring man’s darkest fear back to reality…. Olosi (Satan) himself! Now guided by a mysterious duo who claims he carries a powerful opal created before man’s existence and with everything around him changing, he struggles to survive as his own body takes on dramatic changes of its own. His small hometown of Holyoke has become the battle field between heaven and hell as Hector becomes man’s last hope for salvation. Where the first leads, the rest will follow.

George Burnett

White Rose
Created, Written & Drawn by George Burnett
Tones & Colors by Keith Murphey

In our world, we think of a person as composed of three things – Body, Mind and Soul. But in the world of the White Rose, there is a fourth thing: the Name.

To Name a person is to have power over them. To steal their Name is to steal the Memory of the Name itself, of everything that person ever was – effectively wiping them out of everyone’s collective Memory – as if they never existed. The dark rituals allowing Names to be stolen have been lost to time… until now.

After surviving a horrific attack on her village, a young woman wakes with no memory of who she is; and no one else in the village can remember her either. It seems she is the victim of a forgotten magic… somehow, during the attack, someone has stolen her Name. They call her the White Rose, but she is determined to get her true Name back, and she’s not going to let anyone stop her…