Chris Buchner Induction Letter

Hey, CAGers!

2012 is going to be a big year for CAG as we make some much-needed and overdue improvements to the way we do things. Over the past decade that we’ve existed, we’ve seen members come and go, expanded beyond even our founders’ wildest imaginations, and produced products of considerable quality that have led to some of our members landing additional gigs their own. But, as can tend to happen, we’ve reached a comfortable point where we’ve allowed ourselves to stagnate and lax off just a bit. But, no more!

First, it’s with a heavy heart that our current president, Hector Rodriguez, announces his stepping down as life and work have begun to take up all his available time. Hector will still remain very active within the group, so have no fear. In his place, our current vice president, yours truly Chris Buchner, will be filling the void. Taking my place as VP will be Alex Rivera, who has constantly and consistently gone above and beyond in trying to promote the group and what we do. I will still be running the New York branch meetings and the publications for the group. Alex will also be my back-up for New York until such time that current co-coordinator James Rodriguez is able to resume his duties.

Next, CAG will once again be expanding its online presence in the coming months. CAG was initially created to fill a void by giving a way for creators to find each other and connect as they previously may not have been able to. However, during that time with the rise of social media, CAG’s necessity in that area has become almost obsolete. Between Linkedin, Facebook, Deviant Art, Digital Webbing and the like, finding and connecting is easier than it has ever been. CAG recognizes this, and will be following suit.

We’ll be establishing our own Twitter feed for news and promotional blurbs, which will feature live streaming to our soon-to-be redesigned website. The website itself will become the central hub of CAG, with constant updates, member spotlights, ad space and galleries for members, and much more. But, CAG still believes in the face-to-face experience, because getting in a room with a bunch of creative people can be infinitely more productive than just online chatting. There’s a kind of energy you just can’t duplicate. That’s why we’ll still be having our regular meetings where able, and will also look to try and bring some of those meetings online to show what kind of experience can be expected as part of our group. Regular informational and instructional workshops will also continue, as our creators share their experiences and help educate those who want to learn.

Publications will also become an increasing focus of the group. Along with our successful Iconic series, we’ll be looking to continue our Worlds Beyond prose book. Connecticut head Matt Ryan is also supervising CAG’s latest anthology attempt, CAG Presents, which has a unique contribution format that so far seems pretty successful. But, again in keeping up with the times, our books will not just be print as they always have been. We’ll be looking to provide day and date publishing to as many digital devices as possible. iPhones, iPads, Kindle, PDF downloads…wherever we can go, we’ll go.

Conventions will also still be a focus of the group, as the prices for tables and booths keep increasing, but as we all know the wages we might earn from our jobs or craft do not. Banding together allows each of us to get representation at these shows for a fraction of the cost. That usually means table space, people to help promote and sell your items while you enjoy the show, reduced or free admission to the show, and more.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. We welcome any and all feedback from our members on how to make CAG better for you, and what you’d like to see in the coming future. CAG will no longer be standing still. From here on out, we’ll be constantly moving forward in order to best represent us all, and to help get our works into as many hands as possible. Remember, CAG just opens the door; are you ready to step through it?

–Your incoming president

Chris Buchner

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