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Iconic 2

Welcome back to a world unlike any other! Welcome to an all-new world of wonder and excitement. Where the greatest works of fiction and people through time come together in new ways. Head to the land of dreams with some of America’s greatest folk heroes. Journey to Germany and embark on a murder mystery. See acts of heroism in the face of mounting odds. Follow the second star to the right and straight on until morning for action and adventure. Join us once again as we go around the world and into strange parallel universes.

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Worlds Beyond: a CAG Prose Anthology

Our First Prose Publication! Science Fiction stories from the CAG Writers’ Group, with illustrations by CAG Artists!

Worlds Beyond

There are other worlds, similar to ours but different in many respects. They may be alien worlds in galaxies far away, worlds in which humanity has met its dreadful end, worlds that already exist within our future. The possibilities stretch only as far as the imagination. But, no matter where, when or how these worlds exist, they are all one thing…WORLDS BEYOND.

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Our newest publication is Iconic an amazing graphic novel by the super talented creators of CAG!


Welcome to a world of imagination and wonder!
Welcome to a world of adventures great and small with stories of heroism and genius!
This book is a story about stories, both real and imagined, based on literature and history and told or retold as comics, some for the first time anywhere!
Come explore the universe of reading along with us as we visit some of literature’s most famous personalities like Sherlock Holmes, Ebenezer Scrooge and Robin Hood, all seen in new and wonderful ways.   Visit other lands like Greece and Ireland with Talos and Cuchulainn, other times with Mark Twain and Gustave Whitehead, and even other realities with Prometheus and St. George.
So join us for this amazing trip around the world, all in your own home!   Welcome and enjoy!

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