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What is the Comicbook Artists Guild?
Read on and get the scoop on CAG!

Who we are:
Quite simply, we are the Comic book Artists Guild. Does this mean you have to be an artist or writer to be involved with CAG? No, here at CAG we want to reach out to everyone who shares the common interest of comic book and cartoon art and other artistic possibilities.

What we do:
We put together an Anthology that encapsulates CAG members stories and art and distribute once a year. As a group CAG works towards promoting independent comic book artists and their creations. We work towards giving the comic book medium a good reputation into the community around us.

Why join us?
Our goal is to make comic book lovers connect and network together on projects, as well as give everyone in the group the opportunity to get exposure. We share costs on comic conventions. We have planned activities, such as field trips to museums and galleries, visiting artists lectures and demonstrations, critique one another’s art work, we are a great way for you to meet people with common interests and get involved with fun activities.

We currently hold chapter meetings in New York, New England and Nebraska. Dates, times and locations are announced monthly.

Come to one of our meetings and see professionals give demonstrations and answer questions. Past workshops have included: Coloring with photoshop, drawing the human anatomy, and writing comic books.

CAG is all about participation and networking!


Keith J. Murphey